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Why Choose FAKRA PCB Male Connector?


With the development of information technology, in-vehicle communication functions are constantly increasing. For example, GPS global positioning system, in-vehicle AM/FM, in-vehicle Internet intervention, remote vehicle diagnosis, Bluetooth, keyless entry and ADAS are in high demand. Therefore, more and more traditional RF signal connectors FAKRA are needed in a car, which takes up more space. At present, in response to this phenomenon, Four Hamming Technology has introduced a Fakra male right-angle through-hole PCB soldering connector, which greatly saves space in the car under the premise of ensuring signal transmission. . The following focuses on the characteristics of this product.

What is FAKRA?

FAKRA is an RF connector developed by Rosenberger in Germany, which is widely used by major European and American automakers. FAKRA= Fachkreis Automobil is the abbreviation of Automobile Experts Group converted from German. Represents the RF radio frequency signal connector used in the automotive electronics industry.

Where are RF signals used?

RF is mainly used in the field of communication. With the development of information technology, in-vehicle communication functions continue to increase, such as GPS global positioning system, satellite radio, in-vehicle Internet access, remote vehicle diagnosis and Bluetooth requirements.

Fakra Male Right-Angle Through-Hole PCB Soldering Connector

Long Fakra D male right angle through-hole PCB soldering connector 

1. Main features:

FAKRA male connector for PCB is one of the auto parts. They are widely used in GPS, remote controls, cars, TVs, high-fidelity equipment, antennas, etc. It is matched with the same colour or connector and socket, and its structure should be double locked. Easy to assemble, double-lock foolproof components with colour and structure. The connector is protected by a cover, and there are many differences between the connector and the cover.

2. Technical features

Impedance: 50Ω, frequency range: 4GHz, withstand voltage: 1000V (RMS)

Mechanical characteristics: Durability: ≥500 times, temperature: -40-+85°C

At present, PCB mount connectors have been widely used in car radios, GPS and camera terminals, etc. Its interface size refers to the main standards ISO20860-1, USCAR-18 product verification standards USCAR-17, ISO20860-2, LV214 and USCAR- 2 and so on.


Shenzhen Sihanming Technology Co., Ltd. (Shenzhen Sihan Communication Technology Co., Ltd.) was established in 2006. It is a company specializing in the design, development, production and sales of RF coaxial connectors. It has advanced manufacturing equipment, strong operating body, solid technology, and excellent quality control procedures. Sihanming has passed ISO9001 and IATF16949 certification. There are about 30 series and more than 2000 varieties of "SH-Link" brand RF coaxial connectors and cable assembly products. Some of them are used for national key projects. Most of them are sold to the United States, Japan, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, Macau and many other countries and regions.

 Main products: These products are produced according to international standards such as SMA, SMB, SMC, BNC, TNC, N, MMCX, MCX, SSMA, SSMB and Fakra series. They all comply with the technical standards of IEC, DIN & MIL-C-39012. According to national and professional standards (GB&JS), we produce various RF coaxial connectors, antenna components, cable components (braid), audio and video connectors, and large-size feeder connectors. Various adapters, impedance converters, fixed attenuators, terminal loads, lightning arresters. RF coaxial connectors are designed for various major projects.If you want to get more information about high-performance FAKRA connectors, please contact us.