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What Is the Classification of Connectors?


First, we start with the definition of connectors, classification, and talk about the basic rules of connector product model naming.

Any electrical system must be the current as a signal or energy carrier, from one conductor through the conductor to conductor contact to another conductor. This contact between conductor and conductor is called electrical contact, and the completion of this electrical contact task is the connector, it will cover the "power", "signal" and "data" these three The "lifeline".

Figuratively speaking, the connector is to assume the role of current or signal connection "bridge". Although it is only components, it plays a vital role.

Connector so far there is no uniform classification standards, new applications continue to emerge, the structure is increasingly diverse, it is difficult to use a fixed model to classify and name. Nevertheless, some of the basic principles of classification are still valid, let's first understand the prerequisites for the classification of connectors.

RF Coaxial Connectors

According to the function of the internal and external connections of electronic devices.

1.The level of interconnection is divided into six layers.

Layer 1: the interconnection of components to the package.

Layer 2: package to board interconnection.

Layer 3: board-to-board interconnections.

Layer 4: component-to-component interconnection.

Layer 5: component-to-component interconnection of input and output interfaces.

Layer 6: System-to-system interconnection.

2. Classification by structure.

Board-to-board connectors.

Board-to-wire connectors.

Wire-to-wire connectors.

3. Classification by power.

Power connectors (transmitting power).

Signal connectors (transmitting signals).

High-frequency connectors (transmits data).

4. Classification by shape.

Circular connectors, mostly used in military equipment.

Rectangular connectors, a wide range of uses, the rapid development.

So to sum up, considering the technical development of connectors and the application of the industry, and referring to the relevant technical standards, 

The connectors can be classified into five categories.

Rectangular connectors.

Circular connectors.

RF connectors.

Fiber optic connectors.

Non-contact connectors (such as proximity switches, etc.).


The above gives you the classification of connector products, which can be easy to remember. And if the user wants to further understand the connector products, you need to master the naming of its product model, that is, the order number.

Product model number naming is the basis for user procurement and connector manufacturers to organize production. In the entire connector industry, it follows two principles.

The first is the letter code plus the number of the way, and strive to reflect all or the main structural characteristics of the product in the model naming. The advantage is easy to identify; the disadvantage is that the model number may be longer and more complex; and with the trend of miniaturization of the connector development, the space available for printing code is becoming smaller and smaller, printing code printing is becoming increasingly difficult.

The second is a combination of pure Arabic numerals, the benefits of this approach is simple, easy to manage and print.

It can be expected that these two ways will coexist for a long time, and continue to enrich and develop.

RF Coaxial N Type Connector

N-Type RF coaxial connector is a Kind of low to medium power connectors with screw coupling. characteristic impedance has two types: 50Ω and 75Ω. The characteristic of the connector is high reliability, great vibration performance, excellent mechanical and electrical performance etc. They are used in connection with RF coaxial cable in radio instrument、communication equipment、microwave test and ground launch system at vibration and inclement weather circumstance. By using semi-rigid or semi-flex cable, this type will gain smaller VSWR, and the frequency can by up to 11 GHz.