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The Purpose of Different Types of Connectors


When purchasing connectors, people generally choose connectors with good materials on the market according to company requirements. When there are special requirements, the manufacturer can be required to provide customized, OEM, and other production services. However, the classification of connectors is very broad, and what type of connector is needed should be carefully selected and consulted. The following coaxial connector factory briefly introduces the uses of different types of connectors.

Concentric connector

The concentric connector is a small plug-type connector, which is small in size and has the function of a switch. Concentric connectors are suitable for low-frequency circuits and are mostly used in the wiring of earphones, microphones, and external power supplies.

Bar connector

The number of leads of the bar-type connector is generally less than tens, which is suitable for circuit connection between printed circuits and devices in equipment.

Printed circuit connector

Printed circuit connectors are mainly used to connect printed circuits in electrical or electronic equipment.

RF Coaxial Connector

Ribbon cable connector

The socket of the ribbon cable connector is directly welded to the printed circuit, and the plug and ribbon cable are pierced and crimped, which can be completed at one time, reliable in contact, and convenient to use. It is suitable for the connection of instrumentation circuits.

Circular connector

Most of the plugs and sockets of circular connectors are connected by screw threads, and the connection terminals can range from two to hundreds. They are small in size and high in reliability, which can meet the needs of cable connection between electronic devices.

Rectangular connector

The plugs and sockets in the rectangular connector are connected by threaded guide rods and have locking devices. They are mainly used for electrical connection of electronic equipment, intelligent instruments, and electronic control equipment.

Water pressure sealed connector

Most of these connectors are circular connectors, which are suitable for circuit connections that work underwater or harsh environmental conditions.

RF coaxial connector

The radiofrequency coaxial connector is a small screw connection locking type connector, which has the characteristics of small size, lightweight and convenient use. It is suitable for connecting radio frequency cables in the high-frequency circuits of radio equipment and electronic instruments. Its operating frequency is generally up to 500MHz.